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Influenza Vaccines clinical trials at UC Health
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  • Centralized IIS-based Reminder/Recall to Increase Childhood Influenza Vaccination Rates_2nd Trial in Colorado

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    This study is the second trial related to ID: NCT02761551. There are slight changes to methods and a different cohort will be used, thus justifying a 2nd submission. This trial is taking place in New York State (not NYC) and in Colorado. Each state has it's own submission. Despite U.S. guidelines for influenza vaccination of all children starting at age 6 months, only about half of children are vaccinated annually leading to substantial influenza disease in children and spread of disease to adults. A major barrier is that families are not reminded about the need for their children to receive influenza vaccination. The investigators will evaluate the impact of patient reminder/recall (R/R) performed by state immunization information systems to improve influenza vaccination rates by using three clinical trials in two states. The investigators will assess effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of: 1) autodialer reminder/recall versus 2) postcard reminder/recall versus 3) usual care (no R/R) on improving influenza vaccination rates. The investigators will disseminate the state immunization information system based reminder/recall system to all states for use for both seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccinations with the goal of lowering influenza morbidity.

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