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Alveolar Ridge Preservation clinical trials at UC Health
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  • Ridge Preservation With Platelet Rich Fibrin Augmented With Freeze Dried Bone Allograft

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    Improved predictability and quality of bone healing after a tooth is removed is clinically relevant, in that, it improves our ability to achieve successful implant placement at edentulous sites. Currently, a variety of grafting materials and biologic agents are utilized clinically to improve bone healing and provide sufficient dimensions of bone to support a dental implant. Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) is one such product that can be used for this application. PRF is a concentrated blood product attained from the patient's own blood consisting of a natural bioscaffold with integrated growth factors capable of sustained release. Once processed, PRF is implanted back into the patient at the wound or defect site to encourage healing. The literature regarding PRF is currently dominated by heterogeneous applications of PRF for reparative and regenerative therapies without a consensus of its clinical efficacy and appropriate application. In this clinical study, PRF will be evaluated to ascertain its clinical efficacy in improving bone formation and alveolar dimensional stability after tooth extraction. A classic bone grafting material used for this purpose, freeze dried bone allograft (FDBA), will be incorporated with the PRF or compared directly to PRF alone. It is hypothesized that the natural scaffold and incorporated growth factors of PRF augmented with the solubility resistance of FDBA will function as an ideal bioscaffold to promote bone healing to a greater extent compared to PRF, FDBA, or blood clot alone.

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