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Anterior Blepharitis clinical trials at UC Health

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  • Treatment of Anterior Blepharitis With Microblepharoexfoliation Procedure

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    Objective: To investigate the efficacy of microblepharoexfoliation by BlephEx™ as an adjunct to eyelid cleansing in the treatment of anterior blepharitis and to validate the grading score of lid contamination to describe the severity of anterior blepharitis. Design: A prospective, randomized, paired-eye trial. Methods: One of patients' eyes will be randomized into the microblepharoexfoliation group which will use the BlephExTM device during the in-house lid cleansing procedure. The other eye will be in the control group which will receive conventional lid cleansing. The parameters indicating the efficacy of the microblepharoexfoliation procedure including the symptom scoring system; the Standard Patient Evaluation of Eye Dryness Questionnaire (SPEED), lashes contamination, lid margin redness, number of preservative free artificial tears used per day, meibomian gland quality and expressibility will be recorded at the screening visit and 3-week follow-up visit. The patient will be instructed to do warm compression and lid cleansing at home once a day with Optase eyelid scrubs for 3 weeks on both eyes before follow-up.

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