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Dental Plaque Induced Gingivitis clinical trials at UC Health
1 research study open to new patients

  • A Comparative Study of Electric Toothbrushes for the Efficacy Plaque Removal and the Effect on Plaque Accumulation and Gingivitis.

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    It is well accepted that the greatest contributor to the health of the periodontium and dentition is regular and thorough dental plaque removal, typically by means of adequate toothbrushing. Although patients are typically informed about the risks of substandard oral hygiene and the contributing factors in oral/dental disease by dental professionals, research has shown that an undesirably high proportion of adults find thorough toothbrushing with a standard manual toothbrush to achieve a plaque-free state challenging, as evidenced by high worldwide levels of gingivitis and/or periodontitis.

    at UCLA

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