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Food Allergies clinical trials at UC Health
2 research studies open to new patients

  • Multi OIT to Test Immune Markers After Minimum Maintenance Dose

    open to eligible people ages 2-25

    Few studies have been conducted to optimize safety of multiple food allergen oral immunotherapy (OIT) in conjunction with Omalizumab as well as to identify the immunological mechanism(s) underlying any long-lasting effects of OIT. To address these issues in the field of food allergy research, we have designed this study to test whether: 1) Omalizumab improves the safety of multiple food allergen OIT in subjects with multi food allergies, 2) Omalizumab treatment with multiple food allergen OIT is associated with the ability to use a lower maintenance dose of each food allergens in the OIT regimen, particularly in younger subjects with food allergies.

    at UCLA

  • Probiotic Supplementation in Breastfed Newborn Infants

    “What dose of probiotics helps with gut bacteria in infants?”

    open to all eligible people

    The purpose of this study is to investigate the dose of a probiotic supplement (Bifidobacterium longum subsp. infantis) required to achieve predominant gut colonization in healthy newborn, breastfed infants. The study will also examine whether supplementation with this probiotic can reduce the chance of developing eczema and food allergies in enrolled infants.

    at UC Davis

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