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  • Impact Evaluation of Super Abbu: A Speech Based MNCH Platform in Pakistan

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    The investigators have developed, piloted, and propose to expand and to experimentally evaluate a speech-based service that connects expectant fathers to doctors and to each other over a simple phone call. This service, dubbed Super Abbu (Super Dad in English), addresses the challenges faced by existing efforts in several new and important ways: - The service targets fathers. Currently, the entire public health infrastructure in Punjab is geared towards providing information to women. - It supplements LHWs by providing information between LHW visits. - It does so in a manner appropriate for those who are illiterate and do not have smartphones. - It does not require synchronous phone calls. Expectant fathers can leave questions to be answered. And they can access past questions and answers asked by themselves and other users. - Through experience developing, publicizing, and driving adoption of speech-based services, the investigators believe they can overcome the slow adoption rate faced by the Punjab Health Line. Principal investigator Raza previously developed and launched Baang in Punjab, an entertainment speech-based social service, similar to Reddit, which accumulated 42,500 calls by 1,550 users within 71 days of its launch. These users listened to 393,448 speech posts.

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