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Teledermatology Mobile Apps clinical trials at UC Health

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  • Teledermatology Mobile Apps

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    This study will measure the impact of two teledermatology apps to provide direct to patient teledermatology follow up care, Patient Viewer and My VA Images, with a trial on access to dermatology care. The overall hypothesis is that sites implementing Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) teledermatology mobile apps will significantly augment the use of teledermatology and improve Veterans' access to skin care relative to control sites. Specifically, the investigators hypothesize that these apps will improve established patients' ability to follow-up with dermatology care remotely, reducing patient travel to dermatology clinics while opening up dermatology clinic space for other patients. Previously the study included a parallel trial to evaluate a teledermatolgoy mobile app, VA Telederm. This trial is no longer feasible within this study's funding timeline due to limitations imposed by OI&T that are not under the control of the PI or the operational partner, OCC.

    at UCSF

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