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This study is designed to identify the cells of the immune system that cause skin disease such as psoriasis and mycosis fungoides. Blood samples from many patients will be compared in hopes of finding common cells and molecules responsible for skin diseases. Results of this study will increase our knowledge about immune mediated skin disease.

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T Cell Repertoire Analysis of Immune Mediated Skin Diseases


The aim of the study is to characterized the T cell repertoire of individuals with immune mediated skin disease (e.g. psoriasis and mycosis fungoides). Peripheral blood with be collected from volunteers with psoriasis, mycosis fungoides and age matched controls. Fifteen tablespoons of blood will be collected prior to the initiation of treatment and again after the patient shows a clinical response to treatment. The time between blood draws will be no less than 3 months. There will be no more than two blood draws per patient. Blood samples will be used to determine the patient's HLA haplotype via PCR and DNA sequencing. After the patient's haplotype has been established the activated T cell repertoire will be analyzed for clonal expansions. Clonal expansions in the T cell repertoire will be determined by immunoscope analysis, which is a PCR based technique.


Psoriasis Mycosis Fungoides Mycoses Skin Diseases


You can join if…

Open to people ages 18-55

  • Have an immune mediated skin disease, such as psoriasis or mycosis fungoides
  • Are not taking immunosuppressive medications, which may interfere with T cell analysis.

You CAN'T join if...

  • are taking immunosuppressive medications, which may interfere with T cell analysis


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