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by Gregory Moran, MD (ucla)



The objective of this pilot study is to acquire images using the Strepic® device, a clinical prototype that has been designed specifically as a viable, low-cost, commercially realizable autofluorescence-based diagnostic test, using (1) fluorescence and (2) white light image data, as well as other clinical data points. By acquiring and analyzing the images of pharyngeal bacterial fluorescence and white light patterns in patients with Group A Streptococcus (GAS)-associated pharyngitis and comparing them with those observed in non-GAS pharyngitis, it is believed an algorithm can be developed such that the device will improve the ability of clinicians to quickly and accurately identify GAS infections.


Group A Streptococcal Infection Pharyngitis Streptococcal Infections Strepic® Device


You can join if…

Open to people ages 7-64

  1. All patients aged 7-64 years of age with suspected GAS pharyngitis with modified Centor (McIsaac) score ≥2; and
  2. Patient agrees to participate in study and patient or parent/guardian sign consent/assent form.

You CAN'T join if...

  1. Pharyngeal swab performed immediately prior to study team approach;
  2. Prior enrollment in this study;
  3. Pharyngeal symptoms >7 days;
  4. Peritonsillar abscess;
  5. Antibiotic use within one week of index visit;
  6. Inability to open mouth to visualize the pharynx; and
  7. Inability to understand English or Spanish, as study forms including consent and assent forms will be written in English and Spanish;
  8. Woman who is pregnant (self-reported, pregnancy test will not be performed) or nursing;
  9. Current prisoner (define as an individual involuntarily confined in a penal institution, including persons: (1) sentenced under a criminal or civil statue; (2) detained pending arraignment, trial, or sentencing; and (3) detained in other facilities (e.g., for drug detoxification or treatment of alcoholism) under statutes or commitment procedures providing such alternatives to criminal prosecution or incarceration in a penal institution).


  • Olive View-UCLA Medical Center accepting new patients
    Sylmar California 91342 United States

Lead Scientist at University of California Health

  • Gregory Moran, MD (ucla)
    Professor of Clinical , Emergency Medicine. Authored (or co-authored) 143 research publications.


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