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Bradycardia Sinus clinical trials at University of California Health

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  • Specialized Pacing for Patients With Congenital Heart Disease

    open to eligible people ages 14-65

    The closed-loop stimulation (CLS) algorithm is a novel sensor-based technology that relies on the change in myocardial systolic impedance for modulation of the heart rate during physical and emotional stress.3 The pacing algorithm has been shown to be highly effective for a wide range of clinical scenarios. Despite the fact that congenital heart disease (CHD) patients are likely to derive significant benefit in terms of functional ability and aerobic capacity using this novel technology, the CLS system has not been adequately studied in this population. As many CHD patients also undergo epicardial placement of pacing systems at the time of concomitant cardiac surgery, CLS has been less often utilized in this population given almost no data in the setting of surgical electrode placement. The present study intends to examine the benefits of the CLS algorithm in the CHD population, employing the use of epicardial pacemaker systems in the study protocol.

    at UCLA

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