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Breast Tumor clinical trials at UC Health
2 research studies open to new patients

  • I-SPY 2 TRIAL: Neoadjuvant and Personalized Adaptive Novel Agents to Treat Breast Cancer

    open to eligible females ages 18 years and up

    The purpose of this study is to further advance the ability to practice personalized medicine by learning which new drug agents are most effective with which types of breast cancer tumors and by learning more about which early indicators of response (tumor analysis prior to surgery via magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images along with tissue and blood samples) are predictors of treatment success.

    at UCSF UCSD

  • Monitoring and Predicting Breast Cancer Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Response Using DOSI

    open to eligible females ages 21-80

    The purpose of this research study is to help us learn if an experimental imaging device called Diffuse Optical Spectroscopic Imaging (DOSI) can monitor tumor shrinkage during chemotherapy treatment and can predict if the tumor will respond to chemotherapy before the end of the treatment. This study will also help us understand the biological reason for how DOSI works.

    at UC Irvine UCSF

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