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Delayed Graft Function clinical trials at UC Health
2 in progress, 1 open to eligible people

  • A Study of Experimental Medicine BB3 to Reduce the Severity of Delayed Graft Function (DGF) in Kidney Transplants

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    A Multicenter, Prospective, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Phase 3 Study of ANG-3777 to Reduce the Severity of Delayed Graft Function in Recipients of a Deceased Donor Kidney. The major objective is to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of ANG-3777 in reducing the severity of delayed graft function (DGF) in recipients at high risk of DGF after receiving a deceased donor renal allograft.

    at UC Davis UCLA UCSF

  • Deceased Organ Donor Interventions to Protect Kidney Graft Function

    Sorry, not currently recruiting here

    To protect kidney function during the transplantation process by comparing mild hypothermia in the deceased organ donor before organs are recovered and pulsatile perfusion of the kidney after recovery and prior to transplantation.

    at UCSF

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