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Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure clinical trials at University of California Health

2 in progress, 1 open to eligible people

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  • In Line Aerosol Nebulization With High Flow

    open to eligible people ages 18 years and up

    The objective of ILAN is to assess the safety, feasibility and bronchodilator efficacy of in-line bronchodilator nebulizer delivery with VMN via HFNC system in hypoxemic respiratory failure patients treated with bronchodilators and compare this method to standard-nebulization using a jet nebulizer with a facial mask. The investigators hypothesized that aerosol nebulization using HFNC/VMN represents safer and more convenient approach in hypoxemic respiratory failure patients in comparison to conventional therapy while providing similar bronchodilator efficacy.

    at UCLA

  • Preductal Oxygen Saturation Target in Term and Late Preterm Neonates With Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure or Pulmonary Hypertension

    “Volunteer for research and contribute to discoveries that may improve health care for you, your family, and your community!”

    Sorry, accepting new patients by invitation only

    The purpose of this research is to evaluate two oxygen saturation goals for newborns with pulmonary hypertension. Participation in this research will involve random assignment to one of two oxygen saturation goals, review of the medical record and targeted echocardiograms.

    at UC Davis

Our lead scientists for Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure research studies include .

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