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UCLA researchers looking for healthy individuals (age 45-60) to participate in a study investigating whether an anti-inflammatory medication can impact daily life, including mental and physical health, and the immune system. Everyday for four weeks, participants will take either an anti-inflammatory medication (naproxen) twice daily, or a placebo pill twice daily. Participants will also answer daily questions during the 4-week period. Participants will also come to the UCLA campus twice for blood draws, to fill out questionnaires, and complete a few tasks on the computer: once prior to the 4-week period and once immediately after the 4-week period.


Participants (ntotal=100) will be men and women, ages 45-60. All interested participants will first complete a structured telephone interview in order to assess eligibility. The study will begin with a session lasting approximately three hours, in which you will complete a blood draw, fill out questionnaires, and complete some tasks. You will then be randomly assigned to take either an anti-inflammatory medication (naproxen) or placebo (inactive substance) to take twice daily everyday for the following four weeks. You will also be contacted by text message to remind you to take your pills, to ask if you have taken your pills, and to send you a link to fill out questionnaires once daily. After the four weeks are over, you will come back in for a second session lasting approximately three hours to again complete a blood draw, fill out questionnaires, and complete some tasks. Two weeks after the second session, you will receive an email to fill out questionnaires online. Finally, four weeks after your second session, you will receive another email to fill out questionnaires online.


Inflammation Immune system Social psychology Health psychology Naproxen


You can join if…

Open to people ages 45-60

  • healthy adults 45-60

You CAN'T join if...

Following a structured telephone interview, participants with the following conditions will not be able to participate:

  • current smokers
  • active, uncontrolled medical disorders
  • chronic infection (e.g., Hepatitis C, HIV)
  • use of certain medications (e.g., hypnotic and psychotropic medication, steroid use, opioid use)
  • psychiatric disorders (e.g., current major depression, bipolar disorder)
  • body mass index (BMI) greater than 35

Other exclusion criteria may apply.


  • UCLA Department of Psychology
    Los Angeles California 90095-1563 United States

Lead Scientist at UC Health


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