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This clinical trial assesses the use of advocates and supporters of breast and lung cancer screening to increase lung cancer screening rates amongst eligible participants. Imaging-based cancer screening is utilized with variable frequency. Breast cancer screening with mammography has been widely accepted and is commonly used among eligible women. Lung screening with computed tomography scans is poorly used, despite the potential to decrease deaths from lung cancer. There are many reasons lung screening isn't being used when compared to breast screening, such as smoking stigma and fear, along with a lack of awareness of lung screening. By conducting this trial, researchers want to assess the effectiveness of advocates and supporters of breast and lung screening, and to learn about the psychological barriers to cancer screening, identifying those that are unique to lung screening.

Official Title

Utilizing Spheres of Influence to Increase Cancer Screening: Empowering Community Health Advocates



  1. Determine the number of patients undergoing breast screening who are eligible to participate in lung screening.

II. Determine whether patients currently participating in cancer screening (breast OR lung) are successful as "cancer screening advocates." III. Determine whether laypersons who are aware of screening (including those who accompany friends and family members to their screening appointments) are successful as "cancer screening advocates." IV. Identify knowledge base and psychological barriers to screening through surveys of potential screening participants.


Participants access an electronic patient portal with educational materials at baseline, 1- and 2-year follow-ups, and also interact with a patient navigator on study. Patients also receive materials to share with their friends/family on benefits of breast and lung cancer screening on study.

After completion of study intervention, participants are followed up yearly for up to 3 years.


Breast Carcinoma, Lung Carcinoma, Carcinoma, Breast Neoplasms, Health Education, Health Promotion and Education, Patient Navigation


You can join if…

Open to people ages 40-80

  • Age:
  • Male (M) or Female (F)
  • Current, former, or never smokers
  • Close family or friend with smoking history (in or out of state)

You CAN'T join if...

  • Age:
  • Persons who had previously received a diagnosis of lung cancer, had hemoptysis, or had an unexplained weight loss of more than 6.8 kg (15 lb) in the preceding year will also be excluded
  • Persons with an active cancer


  • UCLA / Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center accepting new patients
    Los Angeles California 90095 United States

Lead Scientist at University of California Health

  • Ashley E Prosper (ucla)
    Hs Associate Clinical Professor, Radiological Sciences, Medicine. Authored (or co-authored) 40 research publications


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