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Venous Thrombosis clinical trials at UC Health
2 research studies open to new patients

  • A Study of the Duration of Therapy for Thrombosis (blood clot inside a blood vessel) in Children

    “This study will help us learn more about the best type of treatment for children with blood clots in their veins (thrombosis).”

    open to eligible people ages up to 20 years

    The Kids-DOTT trial is a randomized controlled clinical trial whose primary objective is to evaluate non-inferiority of shortened-duration (6 weeks) versus conventional-duration (3 months) anticoagulation in children with first-episode acute venous thrombosis. The first stage of the trial has consisted of a pilot/feasibility component, which then continues as the definitively-powered trial.

    at UC Davis UCSD

  • Comparative Effectiveness of Pulmonary Embolism Prevention After Hip and Knee Replacement

    open to eligible people ages 21 years and up

    PEPPER is a randomized study comparing the three most commonly used anticoagulants in North America in patients who have elected to undergo primary or revision hip or knee joint replacement surgery. The anticoagulants being compared are enteric coated aspirin, low intensity warfarin, and rivaroxaban.

    at UCLA

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