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The purpose of the potential research study participant registry is to keep potential research subjects informed about any future research studies in which they may meet the criteria for enrollment. The purpose of this study is also to assist current and future clinical trials with recruitment of subjects.



Subjects will self identify themselves via the UCDMC Dermatology website to complete a survey regarding their interest in learning about future dermatology clinical research projects. Subjects provide contact information and check of a list of potential topics of interest.


Potential participants will find a link on the UCDMC Dermatology website to our registry. The potential participant will read information about the registry. If they wish additional information, they can follow a link to the potential research registry consent form. At this stage, the potential participant may answer, "no" to the consent form and they will be redirected back to the Clinical trials website. If they answer, "yes" then they will be linked to the registry questionnaire. The potential subject would then decide if they want to participate in the registry and if so what information they want to provide. The Clinical Research Coordinators would contact potential study participants to see if they meet the eligibility criteria for any of our current studies.


Acne Actinic Keratosis Dysplastic Nevi Eczema Psoriasis Skin Cancer Rosacea Leg Ulcers Foot Ulcers Atopic Dermatitis Vitiligo Leg or Foot Ulcers Atopic Dermatosis Ulcer Dermatitis Dermatitis, Atopic Foot Ulcer Keratosis Keratosis, Actinic Skin Neoplasms Leg Ulcer Dysplastic Nevus Syndrome


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Open to people ages 18 years and up

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  • University of California, Davis accepting new patients
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  • Fu-Tong Liu (ucdavis)
    Authored (or co-authored) 9 research publications


accepting new patients
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