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Post-traumatic Stress clinical trials at University of California Health

1 research study open to eligible people

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  • Vagal Nerve Stimulation to Probe Inflammation and Brain in Post-traumatic Stress

    open to eligible males ages 21-65

    The proposal aims to determine if non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation(nVNS) will alter: 1) the peripheral inflammatory biomarker profile, 2) the neural correlates of change in pain stimuli and 3) PTSD symptom severity and 4) life quality and function in Veterans with PTSD. The planned inflammatory biomarker and neuroimaging results can 1) promote knowledge of inflammatory and neurobiological mechanisms that contribute to pain in PTSD, and 2) advance the ability to provide targeted neuromodulation based interventions that support improved life quality and function for Veterans. These goals are consistent with the VA's mission to sponsor research examining variables related to pathogenesis, diagnosis, and(ultimately) treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders.

    at UCSD

Our lead scientists for Post-traumatic Stress research studies include .

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